18th Knitting and Textile Workshop in Apolda



Design meets technology - 18th Knitting and Textile Workshop in Apolda

From the 10th of March until the 17th of March 2019, 18 prospective young designers from universities in Trier, Berlin-Weißensee, Paris and Helsinki were once again given a unique opportunity in Apolda. They were able to realize their ideas and designs and produce their own collections in six regional knitting companies.

This was made possible by the knitting and textile workshop, which is an accompanying project of the APOLDA EUROPEAN DESIGN AWARD 2020. It was initiated by the city of Apolda, the county of Weimarer Land and the Business Development Association Apolda-Weimarer Land e. V. A project that is for young designers from all over Europe and one-of-a-kind in Germany.

In the year of the Bauhaus, young creative ideas of the students on the topics of "invention - discovery, development, innovation and creation" meet with decades of experience. The motto could also be: Design meets technology. The result are fresh, cheeky, futuristic but also wearable creations that put a smile on the faces of students, professors, tutors and company employees.

Anke Hammer Strickart, SL-Moden, Kaseee design & art, Leder Atelier Apolda GmbH, Strickatelier Andreas Landgraf and strickchic GmbH are the companies that have provided this magnificient experience to students for many years. Not only the handling of the production processes and the production itself are in the foreground, but also the exchange with experienced entrepreneurs from the region. For a whole week, the directors of the companies, the designers and the staff working on knitting and sewing machines take care of their mentees and work until late at night. During this week the students took on up to ten pieces of their collection. Gerald Rosner, Managing Director of strickchic explains the commitment of his company like this:

"The knitting and textile workshop has established itself over the years and it is always exciting for us to see with what enthusiasm and devotion the young designers work. I am always very happy when I see one of my former students after years and realize what has become of him or her. “
"It's not taken for granted what companies undertake during this week. They have to keep their day-to-day business running, and there's an aspiring young designer to look after. This support and commitment cannot be praised enough." explains Matthias Ameis, head of AG Design, and thanks the entrepreneurs and their teams for the excellent cooperation.
"After completing a long application process, the students prepare for the knitting and textile workshop for up to six weeks at their respective colleges and universities. Almost all students from Master’s and Bachelor's programs applied for the project, as it is popular with students, "says Doreen Schulz from the Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin.

The feedback of the high-caliber jury of the APOLDA EUROPEAN DESIGN AWARD 2020 is, according to Schulz, also an enrichment for the young participants in their work. The finished collections were first seen on Saturday, the 16th of March 2019 at a fashion show at the Hotel am Schloß and then again on the 6th of July 2019 for the Fashion Night at the Apolda market square.

Matthias Ameis, Leiter der AG Design: „Hervorzuheben ist, dass der Strick- und Textilworkshop dieses Jahr eingebettet im Rahmen einer großen Ausstellung „tracking talents“ im Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin stattfindet. Die Ausstellung ist ab 15.09.2019 auch im GlockenStadtMuseum in Apolda zu sehen. Das bringt überregionale Aufmerksamkeit für das Weimarer Land und seine Kreisstadt Apolda. In diesem Zusammenhang entstehen im 18. Strick- und Textilworkshop umfangreiche Bild- und Filmaufnahmen, die online und auf den Social Media Kanälen in Zukunft eine größere Verbreitung erfahren sollen. Derzeit laufen die Clips auf den Instagram-Kanälen der Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee.“

Matthias Ameis, Head of AG Design: "It should be emphasized that the knitting and textile workshop will take place this year as part of a large exhibition "tracking talents" at the Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin. The exhibition can also be seen starting on the 15th of September 2019 at the Glockenstadtmuseum in Apolda. This brings nationwide attention to the county Weimarer Land and the town Apolda. In this context, the 18th Knitting and Textile Workshop will produce extensive image and film recordings, which will be published online and on social media channels. The clips can currently be viewed on the Instagram account of the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee.


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