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Apolda European Design Award 2017

The 16th knitting and textile workshop from 6th to 13th March 2016 as well as the jury meeting on 11th and 12th March 2016 in Apolda

18 students in total from the university Trier and the university of arts Berlin-Weißensee as well as the ESMOD Paris and the Spanish Politecnica Madrid could realise their creative ideas from 6th to 13th March 2016 at the 16th knitting and textile workshop in Apolda.

The students could realise their designs in eight local companies. The given topic was “The secret life of plants” with the subheading From “The Hanging Gardens of Babylon” to “Bloom Boom”.

The highly motivated start-up designers worked on their collections until late at night in the following companies: Anke Hammer StrickArt, Kaseee design & art, Kreßmann Strickmoden GmbH, Leder Atelier Apolda GmbH, Riedel – exklusive Strickmoden, SL Moden, Strickatelier Landgraf as well as strickchic GmbH. The experienced staff supported the guests with their individual knowledge and skills.

The participating universities and professors state that there is nothing comparable to this project, in which students of fashion have the opportunity to let their visions come true with the help of knitting and textile companies.

The highlight and the ending of the workshop was the presentation of the works of the design students at the fashion show on 12th March 2016 in the “Hotel am Schloß Apolda”, which was professionally presented by Kristin Gräfin von Faber-Castell. The Graffiti model team of the agency RÜBERG GmbH from Erfurt perfectly presented the collections of the students.

Besides the knitting and textile workshop also the first jury meeting of the APOLDA EUROPEAN DESIGN AWARD 2017 took place on 11th and 12th March 2016. The present jury members were informed about the current status of the preparations for the Award and they could see behind the curtain of the knitting and textile workshop.

The 16th knitting and textile workshop is a project of the APOLDA EUROPEAN DESIGN AWARD 2017. The organisers are the region Kreis Weimarer Land, the district town of Apolda and the Wirtschaftsförder-Vereinigung Apolda-Weimarer Land e.V. (an organisation that supports the economy of the region).

Other supporting partners are well-known international textile and fashion enterprises as well as local companies and the Free State of Thuringia.